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Our new dental costs and prices:

Dental ImplantsPrices in EURO
Premium Implants ICX (German/Swiss) € 510
Implants Fullplant/Symplant (titanium) € 460
Implants AlphaBio (Germany) (titanium) € 490
Implants Cortex (Israel) (titanium) € 490
Abutment on ICX (titanium) € 160
Abutment on AlphaBio or Cortex (titanium) € 140
Implants Ankylos Germany (titanium) € 850
Abutment on Ankylos (titanium) € 260
Dental Surgery 
Sinus Lift (inclusive bone) € 710
Bone grafting with membran € 650
Bone material € 200
Membran € 200
Tooth extraction (frontal, premolar, molar) € 40
Surgical extraction € 150
Root apices reserction € 170
Root canal treatment € 36 per canal
Dental crowns and bridges 
Porcelain fused to metal crown € 160
Zirconia crown (More material information: € 300
Shoulder preparation of the tooth € 25 pro Zahn
Porcelain fused to gold crown € 190 + Goldpreis 3 gr
Full porcelain / ceramic crown € 280
Gradia crown € 200
Temporary crown € 18
Metal-ceramic crown on an implant € 230
Zirconia crown on an implant € 330
Gold-ceramic crown on an implant € 230 + Goldpreis 4gr
Porcelain veneers 
Porcelain or ceramic veneer € 300
Aesthetic treatments 
Composite filling / white filling € 50 
Gradia-Inlay € 200
Gold-Inlay € 190 +gold price 4gr
Temporary filling € 15
Bleaching with Beyond Whitening Accelerator (incl. dental hygiene treatment) € 146 per jaw
Dental hygiene with tartar removal and polishing € 20
Full denture with acrylic teeth € 400
Full denture with gold net € 499
Temporary denture € 185
Denture with metal plate € 550
Partial denture with clasps € 590
Partial denture with slides (metal base and artificial teeth) € 950
More dental services 
Comprehensive new patient exam - treatment plan - price estimation free
Local anaesthesia included
Panoral x-ray (digital) € 35
Small x-ray (digitale) € 15


How much costs?

How much does a dental implant costs?

An implant Fullplant or Symplant costs 460 Euro with us.

Do you also have Alpha Bio implants? How much does Alphabio implants cost?

An AlphaBio implant costs 490 Euro.

How much does the Cortex implant cost?

A Cortex implant costs 490 Euro.

What kind of other implants do you have?

Only on demand we have implants from Ankylos.

How much does an augmentation of the sinus called sinus lifting cost?

Dental Surgery Sinus Lift (inclusive bone) costs 710 Euro.

How much does the bone grafting with membran cost?

The bone grafting costs 650 Euro.

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

A tooth extraction (frontal, premolar, molar) costs 40 Euro.

How much does a surgical extraction cost?

A surgical extraction for example the extraction of the wisdom tooth costs 150 Euro.

Can you tell me the price of the root apices reserction?

The resectin of the root apice costs 170 Euro.

How much does the root canal filling cost?

A root canal filling costs 36 Euro per canal.

How much does dental crowns and bridges cost?

A porcelain fused to metal crown costs 160 Euro.

How much does a metal-ceramic crown cost?

A metal-ceramic crown costs 160 Euro.

How much does a circon crown cost?

A circonium crown costs 300 Euro.

How much does the preparation of the tooth costs?

The shoulder preparation of the tooth costs 25 Euro.

How much does a temporary crown cost?

A temporary crown costs 18 Euro.

How much does a metal-ceramic crown on an implant cost?

A metal-ceramic crown on implant costs 230 Euro.

How much does a circon crown on an implant cost?

A circon crown on implant cost 330 Euro.

How much does a composite filling or white filling cost?

A white filling on one surface costs 39 Euro and on two or three surfaces costs 50 Euro.

Do you also make bleaching? How much does a bleaching cost?

A bleaching with White Smile and Beyond Whitening Accelerator (incl. dental hygiene treatment) costs 146 Euro per jaw, so for both jaws 292 Euro.

How much does a dental hygiene treatment cost?

A dental hygiene treatment costs 20 per jaw.

How much does a email with acrylic teeth cost?

A full denture cost 400 Euro.

How much does a denture with metal plate cost?

A denture with metal plate cost 550 Euro.

How much does a partial denture with clasps cost?

A partial denture with clasps costs 590 Euro.

How much does a partial denture with slides metal base and artificial teeth cost?

This kind of partial denture costs 950 Euro.

How much does a consultation with the dentist cost?

A comprehensive new patient exam, treatment plan, price estimation costs nothing, it is free of charge.

How much does a local anaesthesia cost?

Local anesthesia is included in the price of the dental treatment.

What about general anaesthesia?

We don't perform any dental treatments in narcosis. 

How much does a panorama x-ray cost?

A panoral x-ray costs 35 Euro.

A small x-ray costs 15 Euro.

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