Dental crowns and bridges made of Zirconia

100% white teeth with zirconia-ceramic

Zirconia crowns for top Prices! - Get the best offer at Dental Tourism Hungary!Differences between metal-ceramic and zirconia-ceramic crowns:

  • high translucency
  • no black margins
  • extremely solid
  • absolutely metal free
  • excellent biocompatibility

Why Zirconia?

It's a metal free dental restoration with high quality ceramic material.

Get low-cost Zirconia crowns in Hungary!Zirconia crowns and bridges - Dentistry in HungaryZirconia crowns and bridges - Top Prices! - Dental Tourism Hungary

Zirconia is one of the oldest and most abundant elements in the terrestrial crust and it is the basis for Zirconium-oxid (yttrium stabilized Zirconium dioxid). This first-class-performance material was successfully used for artificial limbs and joints in the medical field in the last decades and now, this material, which is very difficult to process, is also available to the dental industry. Due to its excellent biological characteristics, Zirconium is nowadays the preferred material for dental restorations. Tests revealed that in case of the use of zirconia no allergic reactions in the oral cavity area are to be expected in the mouth area. In case of correct constructions, firmness is given even after 50 years. Almost any kind of dental restoration is possible in zirconia. It is possible to make bridges of all sizes, cemented or screwed, also implant superstructures can be realized with this material.

Zirconia’s translucency favours the aesthetic and natural look of the dental restoration. Those characteristics are enhanced by the possibility to colour the frame structures with 16 different colour liquids. This fact guarantees longevity, because there are no black margin in case of age-related retreat of the gums, as this might be the case with metal restorations. Furthermore this very acid-proof material prevents the absorption of pollutants and makes cleaning easier.

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How much does a Zirconia ceramic crown cost?

Zirconia crown: 300 EUR

Zirconia crown on an implant: 330 EUR

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